Experience of use AlfaGen

Bruce’s London experience with AlfaGen gel

How Bruce from London raised his tail with AlfaGen gel

Good day. My name is Bruce and I'm a 44 year old. I would like to tell you about my experience with AlfaGen gel. I have been looking for a safe and effective medicine for many years. I heard about it from a friend last year. I would like to tell you how you can use this tool to get your cherished centimeters. I will give a detailed overview of AlfaGen gel, share how I used the custom composition.

How to use penis enlargement gel?

There is nothing difficult to use with AlfaGen gel, all people can master the rules. This medicine contains detailed instructions for use. I noticed that the composition had to be applied to the penis daily in several circular motions. Please note that you must rub the product half an hour before sexual intercourse. After application, a pleasant warm feeling appears in the lower abdomen. He noted that sexual desire occurred in the first week of use. Although even his morning erection had disappeared before him. Sex didn’t bring me any pleasure, feelings during sex were minimal.

I liked that there are no aggressive substances in the gel. The composition did not sting, did not cause redness, it suited me perfectly. The device starts blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increasing the sensitivity of the penis. And further stimulation only enhances the effect of the substances.

First week

Photo of AlfaGen gel tube from Bruce's review of the drug

In the first week of using AlfaGen, I could already see the first health improvements. Although on the first day I thought nothing was happening and the cream wasn’t working on me either. My sexual desire attacked, my sensitivity increased significantly. Even my wife remarked that I was starting to take an interest in her.

Second week

I continued to use the gel according to the instructions. There were no side effects. I began to like the appearance of the penis. Added 2 inches long and the volume increased slightly. I could enjoy sex. However, there was no premature ejaculation.

Effect after one month of use

Regular use of AlfaGen lasted for 30 days. No side effects were observed. All the components worked perfectly, the potency increased, I feel great, the force was excessive. And finally I got the desired + 5 cm. The shape of the penis is now perfect, the sensitivity is excellent, some plus.

I recommend the drug to men because I have personally experienced its effects. The most effective and cheapest way to solve delicate problems. You don’t have to be shy, just order medicine today and feel like a hero in sex.